ICR’s Andrei Marga: Romania attending Salon du livre, major event presenting Romanian culture worldwide

President of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) Andrei Marga thinks that Romania’s presence at the upcoming Salon du livre in Paris, as a country that is a guest of honour, is a major event devoted to presenting Romanian culture in Europe and the world over.

‘I would like to emphasize the fact that it is a very important event presenting Romanian culture in Europe and the world over as it is the ICR mission to ensure more visibility and prestige to Romanian culture,’ Andrei Marga told on Friday.

According to him, in Paris, there will also be ‘a representative group of writers of various generations and styles writing novels, poetry, theatre, literary criticism and history,’ but also of historians, ‘especially as the Romanian Academy has made good progress in the ‘History of the Romanians’ while the ‘Dictionary of the Romanian Language’ has been printed in the meantime.’

He also said that, besides what ICR finances directly, more than 30 publishing houses in Romania, which were selected by the French partners, would attend the Salon du livre and present their publishing production and their authors.

The great festival of the book in Paris will bring together representatives of 45 countries. 35,000 professional visitors of the publishing world are expected to take part in the above-mentioned event.

Last year the book fair was visited by almost 190,000 people and more than 2,000 authors from 40 countries were present.

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