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MAE official: Romania is and will be extremely committed to European integration

Romania is and will be extremely committed to the process of European integration, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Radu Podgorean told the Eurosfat meeting at the Parliament Palace.

‘Any suspicion that Romania at one time or another might be tempted to be indifferent to the European process is not grounded. There is no alternative to the European project,’ said Podgorean.

The MAE official said that the benefits of Romania‘s accession would have been much more substantial if the first six years of Romania’s presence in the EU had not largely coincided with the crisis, which had an extremely harsh impact on all the member states.

‘Unfortunately, Romania has not turned to account in these six years, as it has not done it in the pre-accession time either, this element that might have supported development, the European funds. The absorption level is quite low for all kind of reasons, including some of them that are not up to us, such as the pressure of the economic crisis. But we must admit we are to blame too: we have not had mechanisms and projects at hand,’ also said the Secretary of State.

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