MAE’s Aurescu discusses military cooperation opportunities between Romania and Poland, in Warsaw

Cooperation opportunities between Romania and Poland in the military area, including under NATO and EU initiative – Smart Defence and Pooling and Sharing, respectively, were discussed by State Secretary for Strategic Affairs with Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu at the third round of the Romanian-Polish security strategy dialogue in Warsaw.

Aurescu attended the meeting accompanied by State Secretary with Romania’s Defence Ministry Sebastian Huluban, MAE reports in a press release.

The Polish delegation was headed by State Secretary with Poland’s Foreign Ministry Boguslaw Winid and State Secretary with Poland’s Defence Ministry Robert Kupioecki.

The round of talks opened with a launch ceremony for a Romanian -Polish friendship logo celebrating the 20th aniverasry on January 25 of the Treaty on good friendly relation and cooperation between Romania and Poland. Aurescu attended the ceremony.

He said political, military, cultural and economic cooperation between Romania and Poland is at its highest level in history.

‘Built on the fundaments of the historic relation between our peoples, the 1993 treaty opened a big chapter in cooperation between Romania and Poland. Later on, in 2009, the decision to establish a strategic partnership followed based on our common interests at a bilateral, regional, European and international level, including on security issues. Today, we can proudly say that political, military, cultural and economic cooperation between the two countries is at its highest level in history,’ said Aurescu.

The 3rd round of the strategic bilateral dialogue was a ‘new opportunity for adding substance to the Romanian-Polish strategic partnership, reconfirming a wide convergence of opinions on many issues on the world’s agenda,’ MAE reports.

At the official talks, the two delegations discussed the latest developments in the NATO neighbourhood, with Aurescu reiterating Romania’s support for the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the countries in the region as well as its support for efforts to identify efficient ways and mechanisms to solve prolonged conflicts. The situation in Moldova and the latest developments in the settlement of the conflict in Transnistria were also examined.

The two delegations also discussed opportunities for practical cooperation in the defence area, including under NATO and EU initiatives – Smart Defence and Pooling and Sharing, respectively.

In the area of missile defence, the high-ranking officials of the Romanian and Polish foreign ministries presented the progress with the deployment on their national territories of elements of the US ballistic missile defence system, exchanging opinions and assessing the prospects for progress toward the initial operational capacity of the NATO missile defence system.

The Romanian-Polish dialogue highlighted the carrying out within the agreed implementation deadlines, as well as the existence of the required funding, says MAE

The parties also exchanged opinions on NATO and EU operations. About the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, they discussed the experience of active involvement of the two countries in civilian and military crisis management missions.

Transition in Afghanistan and the prospects for maintaining the NATO commitment after 2014, along with arms control and non-proliferation were also on the agenda of the talks.

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