Macovei: I understand Vasile Blaga wants to drop Ethics&Integrity chapter from statutes, I do not

MEP Monica Macovei, the candidate of the Reformists Platform to the Democratic Liberal (PDL, in opposition) leader said during a visit to Targu Mures (north-west of the Capital) that a clear difference between the party statutes of today and from 2004, which party president Vasile Blaga manages to make a topical issue again is the chapter relating the ethical and morality criteria.

‘A clear difference between the party statutes of today and from 2004 is the existence of the ethical criteria in today’s statutes. Therefore, our statutes include these criteria, part of them were used by the Ethics Commission. I understand Vasile Blaga wants to drop the Ethics and Integrity chapter from the statutes, I do not’, Macovei stressed.

She said she would not know who does the incumbent PDL leadership want to protect by modifying the Democratic Liberals’ Statutes and insisted the provisions relating the ethics and morality should not be dropped from the party rules. She recalled that one and a half years ago, when she was a vice president of the PDL National Standing Bureau, she had succeeded in introducing an entire chapter on integrity – the Code of Ethics – into the party statutes.

‘It has many provisions, including the contracts with the state and the prosecutions. All these apply the party members or when one is promoted to leading positions and they entail disciplinary action. Therefore, they should not be dropped’, Macovei underscored.

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