Zgonea: Azerbaijan visit, one of most important in 12 years

The official visit paid to Azerbaijan over March 13-16 by a delegation of representatives for the Romanian Parliament, Government and the businesses is, according to Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber Valeriu Zgonea one of the most important meetings that the Romanian Parliament had in the last 12 years.

President Ilham Aliyev said on this occasion that Romania is Azerbaijan’s best friend in the European Union, and ‘we told them that Azerbaijan is Romania’s best friend in this area. We hope the West Nabucco (pipeline) project would be the first integrated project that we bring. The traditional partnership that we have for 20 years on a political level should be transferred to the economic level. There are companies already working in Azerbaijan, which are owned by the Romanian state and our joint visit is aimed at the very reason of sending a signal that we back the private area, the entire private area in Romania, the good companies having cleared the Economy Ministry checks, companies that have achieved success in the market, that have not been hit by the economic crisis, that are known in the region or worldwide’, Zgonea underscored.

The visit to Azerbaijan is the result of extraordinary work exerted by several persons who have tried to strengthen this market for the Romanian companies, he added.

‘As part of this policy mixture, I brought along Minister Dan Sova (minister-delegate for infrastructure projects of a national interest and foreign investments – editor’s note), who unveiled the 15-biggest projects of Romania, the medium-term strategic thinking, which consolidates the energy independence, the capability to create jobs and also those added values to the state budget, which creates jobs in those companies working on those projects. It is about, for example, the Bucharest-Pitesti Motorway, which consolidates the development of Craiova city and of the region, (it is about) Tarnita Power Station, which means cheap electric power for Transylvania and not only, it is about the (Black Sea) Port of Constanta, the new multi-purpose hub of Europe, for which the German and the Dutch businessmen battle. In fact, this is what we talk about, it is about an economic battle’, Zgonea stressed.

The Azeris are interested since they can make here one of the most modern liquefied gas terminals and can upgrade the port by a public-private partnership and be part of the process of inter-connection between the European Union and the emerging area currently developing: Asia. To these adds the new strategic project of the Silk Road. It is important for us, it is as vital as the West Nabucco, the Deputies’ Chamber speaker said.

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