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Crin Antonescu: Fenechiu cannot possibly check all politicians’ campaigns


PNL deputy chairman Relu Fenechiu cannot possibly check the campaigns of all politicians and his allegation that political parties also run their campaigns on „black money” is an overstatement, chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and USL co-chairman Crin Antonescu declared.

He mentioned that he has never managed an election campaign, but has only run as a candidate.

„I have only been a candidate, I have never financially run a campaign. I don’t know the tricks of the trade,” Antonescu said at the USL headquarters.

In his opinion, Relu Fenechiu must have some arguments when he claims that political parties are funded from both clean and dirty money.

„Perhaps he has some arguments. I don’t necessarily term this statement he must also take responsibility for, he probably has some arguments he will duly present. I believe this is an overstatement, in the first place because Mr. Fenechiu couldn’t have possibly checked – and at least from among the politicians, nobody could have done it – all the campaigns of all politicians. Or maybe Mr. Fenechiu refers to certain politicians, to certain positions. It’s hard to tell all the politicians, all the candidates for Parliament for 20 years now, and all the candidates for local elections,” said the PNL chairman.

Liberal Relu Fenechiu said on Tuesday that Adrian Nastase’s sentencing in the „Quality Trophy” case had been a mistake.

„Sending [a former] Prime Minister behind bars for something many politicians have done looks to me like a big mistake. [Politicians] have found various schemes to finance their election campaigns. Basescu, hand on heart, says that he only used clean money in his election campaign. Who buys that?” said Fenechiu.

Asked where the money used in the election campaign was coming from, Relu Fenechiu replied: „From black sources.”


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