Over 2,000 deaths per year in car accidents show there is road insecurity in Romania

In Romania there is road insecurity, and that is shown by the over 2,000 deaths recorded on average each year in car accidents, said the president of the Consulting Center for Road Victims (CCVR), Ion Mihail.

According to him, as many as 2,017 people died in car accidents in 2012.

„With car accidents having claimed over 2,000 lives, we see that in Romania there is road insecurity. We are talking about bringing road safety, since there is road insecurity, and that should be included in Romania’s national defense strategy. Then, maybe, all the actions that are started and stop somewhere, because there are other priorities, will have more weight. I believe that the most important priority is the national safety,” he told the „Strategy and Vision in Road Transport” event, organized by the Romanian Association for International Road Transport (ARTRI).

Ion Mihail underscored that the major objective of the national strategy for road safety – a 50 per cent cut by 2020 in the number of deaths caused by car accidents – cannot be achieved without politicians’ support.

„We cannot talk about road safety without considering three main factors: the person, the vehicle and the road, that is the infrastructure. In terms of professional training, I want to tell you that we are behind the developed countries in the European Union. Although everyone blames the high number of accidents, there is also unfair competition between carriers and many other problems that will not even improve, since that is what I have felt in the past years,” says the Director of the Academy of Internal and International Transport Foundation (FATII), Calin Sabau.

„Compared to the EU, which has a strategy for 10 years, continued for another 10 years, and it has drawn up transport regulations and directives with implementation term of 2-3 years, we have taken over them overnight, and after the Official Gazette published them, they were very hard to apply or even impossible,” Sabau added.

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