Romania seeking to complete regionalization this year, Vice Premier says

Romania is looking very seriously at the next multiannual financial programming period (2014-2020) and for this reason we want to accomplish regionalization this year, because it is hard to believe that in the coming six or seven years the European officials will accept a change in the system wherewith we entered into 2014, Vice Premier and Minister for Regional Development and Public Administration Liviu Dragnea declared at a meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development (REGI).

Dragnea said that regionalization is necessary because „the current development regions do not have a regional identity of their own, they do not have decision-making force, lack competences and cannot manage projects, cannot ensure a democratic representation of local communities, their functioning is somewhat overlapping that of the counties and that regrettably enough, disparities among the regions have widened since their establishment.

He also said that the implementation of a sustainable development system can only be accomplished by setting up administrative regions.

According to the Vice Premier, the new regional structures will have competences in health care, education, social protection, economic development, tourism, territory planning, the management of EU funds, high-performance sports.

„Regionalization must be accompanied by decentralization, under observance of the principle of subsidiarity and capitalizing on lots of resources that are now left unused,” Dragnea said, adding that „regionalization will not be carried out according to political criteria, but that essentially it will be tailored according to functional needs; what we will present the public and the European institutions is a country project capable of giving each Romanian the chance to live in a better country. I want to assure you that the government of Romania is determined to complete this process this year and will do so in the best interest of Romania.”

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