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Enel Romania – an increase by about 13pct of operational profit in 2012


Enel Romania’s operational profit increased in 2012 by about 13 percent compared with 2011, up to 231 million euros, compared to 205 million euros previously reported, announced on Wednesday, Luca D’Agnese, country manager of Enel Romania.

Prerequisites for the evolution of the EBITDA were lower network losses, by 11.26 percent in 2012 and by 13.07 percent in 2011, reducing operational costs by 12 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year and increasing connection volumes to the network.

„This increase of the operational profit comes mainly from the actions we have taken, to boost efficiency, because in terms of margins we did not register growth, and sales advance is associated to the price increase and this was totally transferred due to prices and higher costs with energy we had. As you know, a severe drought occurred at the beginning of the year „, Luca D’Agnese explained in a press conference.

According to him, Enel Romania revenues in 2012 totaled 1.032 billion euros, rising by 6.5 percent on the previous year, when it stood at 969 million euros.

Enel Romania head stressed that improvement of results was possible due to the measures taken to reduce network losses. At the same time, the operational cost was cut because of the technology investment program the company has run. In this regard, the representative of Enel Romania has mentioned the program of remote control of the network, leading to significant improvements in what concerns the outage duration and offered the opportunity to reduce costs.

„We saw an increase in the number of connection requests to the network also due to increases in renewable energy sector”, underlined the head of Enel Romania.

In addition, investments were made in all the three different rated voltage levels in the company’s grid.


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