Hidroelectrica’s loss from purchased energy worth RON 444.21 million in 2009-2011

Hidroelectrica recorded losses from the total sale of electricity that was purchased during 2009 to 2011 from all energy markets amounting to RON 444.21 million, according to a report on checks made to Hidroelectrica by the Prime Minister’s control body.

The losses were determined by the illegal intervention of persons who held functions of management in the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment, Ministers Adriean Videanu and Ion Ariton and Secretary of State Tudor Serban respectively, who endorsed and approved notes and memos that constituted the basis for concluding contracts and additional documents covering electricity purchases by Hidroelectrica in detrimental conditions for the company, according to the abovementioned source.

Moreover, in the context in which ANRE was the only authority with competence to establish binding rules for the operation of this sector, the two Ministers and the Secretary of State with MECMA intervened in establishing the conditions at the grounds of the contract and also the price of electricity purchased by Hidroelectrica, through approving notes on completion and approval of the companies’ contracts.

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