People granted asylum in Romania to benefit from non-refundable monthly aid

The Government on Wednesday adopted an emergency ordinance amending the Asylum Law, according to which the persons acquiring a form of protection in Romania should benefit from a non-refundable monthly financial aid.

According to a release of the Government, the normative document stipulates the transformation of the monthly refundable financial aid for these persons into a monthly non-refundable aid, as well as the calculation of the amount considering the national reference social indicator (ISR).

The legislative act includes also provisions on the period during which the beneficiary can collect the amount he/she is entitled to.

Thus, if the beneficiary does not collect the financial aid for three months, the payment of the financial aid is suspended. If the amount is not requested by the completion of the deadline of 9 months, as stated by the law, the aid is no longer granted.

In addition, the document regulates the situations when the refundable aid could not be recouped, as the law initially stipulated, by extinguishing debts, as it is impossible to recoup them given that their beneficiaries are no longer on Romanian territory.

The persons acquiring a form of protection in Romania had to be granted a refundable monthly aid, according to Law No. 122/2006 on asylum in Romania. The aid was granted for a period of 6 months, with the possibility of extending the period by no more than 3 months, for well-grounded reasons. The beneficiaries were obligated to reimburse the amounts.

The Government took the decision to amend this law, as the financial aid could be no longer recouped.

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