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Dusa: Technical commission to go to Lisbon this week to assess multirole jet fighters condition


A technical commission will go to Lisbon this week to assess the condition of the F-16 multirole fighters Romania plans to procure on second-hand from Portugal, Romanian National Defence Minister Mircea Dusa told in an interview.

 After such a visit takes place, Dusa himself will travel to Lisbon for talks with his Portuguese counterpart.

‘The Romanian National Defence Council (CSAT) decided that Romania should purchase multirole jet fighters already in operation. We have received several offers and we are currently in talks with Portugal. The last CSAT meeting mandated me to start the talks with the Portuguese side. A technical commission of the National Defence Ministry will travel to Lisbon this week to start the technical discussions and afterwards I’ll meet my Portuguese counterpart to complete the negotiations’, the minister announced.

Dusa explained the aircraft procurement programme will be conducted over several years and the money will be paid in instalments.

‘Depending on the negotiations, the programme will be conducted over a longer period of time, with annual instalments targeting the upgrading of the jet fighters, the pilots’ training, the separate purchase of their avionics and of the electronic war system as well as other measures relating the organisation’, he stressed.

The minister had said early this year that when the Romanian side ‘strikes a deal’ with the bidders for the multirole aircraft, there will also be made available the money for the payment of the first instalment, even if the procedure is conducted over the year.

The CSAT members at their meeting held at the end of last year approved The Concept of Gradually Achieving the Air Defence Capability as part of the programme for the Air Forces’ Multirole Jet Fighter in accordance with the crucial security interests of Romania and with Bucharest’s pledges made in the European and North Atlantic organisations.

The Council at its last meeting on March 5 gave Dusa a mandate to carry out talks with the Portuguese side for the procurement of the multirole jet fighters.


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