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Salon du livre: „The History of Romanians” and „Romanian Language Dictionary”, launched in Paris


„The History of Romanians” and „Romanian language dictionnary”, fundamental works for the country’s spirituality, were presented at the Romanian pavilion, organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute at the Paris Book Fair.

Academician Dan Berindei, vice president of the Romanian Academy, said that the launch of these two fundamental works is an important opportunity to highlight preoccupations of the the institution he heads.

Related to the birth of the Academy, the „Romanian Language Dictionary” represents one of the objectives since the establishment of the Literary Society, in 1866 and has undergone various forms, being completed a year ago.

As such, the French readers were able to admire this elegant edition in 19 volumes.

„Now, philologists are working on updating this monumental work, which began almost 150 years ago”, noted another vice president of the Academy, present in Paris, Marius Sala.

As concerns „The History of Romanians”, the Academy presented the first six volumes of this new edition, the second, revised and added, of a treaty which starts in prehistory and ends in 1821.

Basically, this work will be completed this summer, with the appearance of the final volume, covering the most contested and discussed period, 1948-1989, coordinated by Acad. Dinu Giurescu, said Acad. Berindei.

He also expressed his hope that, in a few months, the seventh volume will be published, which he coordinates, together with the eighth and ninth volumes, that are ready.

Berindei announced that the Academy will publish a summary in two volumes, in a first stage in English and French.

„Indeed, you can not pretend to a foreigner to read 11 volumes, but it is easier to consult a synthesis”, the acclaimed historian told AGERPRES.

He pointed out that the volumes summaries are already prepared by coordinators, only the thorny problem of translation going to be solved. „It is, as you know, a real problem, not because of sponsorship, but of the translators, increasingly hard to be found”, Berindei also said.

Numerous events have animated the Romanian pavilion at the Salon du livre and some other places, the presence of representatives of the Romanian culture and literature being, not only once, rewarded with applause.

The series of meetings was opened by Adrian Cioroianu and Cristian Parvulescu, with a dialogue on the topic of relationship between Romania and Europe. Starting from the Liberal model of a Romania that was building its modernity in the nineteenth century, passing through the inter-war period, marked by extremisms of the ’30s and ’40s, in a country with boundaries under a question mark, the protagonists of this meeting reviewed developments of a European political life with specific contortions and evolution.

Cruel realities during the Romanian communism, such as censorship and means of avoiding it, were remembered in the debate „Life in the East restricted by the Wall – To write under censorship or in exile”, moderated by playwright Matei Visniec, while participants in the round table „Freshness and enthusiasm. A new wave in Romanian theater” brought, in front of the French public, representatives of the Romanian contemporary drama.

As well, writer Dan Lungu had a dialogue with translator Laure Hinckel, at the Centre National du livre and Gabriela Adamesteanu and Carmen Riera were protagonists of a meeting organized at the Institut Francais stand.

Ana Blandiana spoke about „Poetry and Memory”, in the same framework, at the „Poems cafe” being present Ioana Craciunescu, Sebastian Reichmann, Miron Kiropol, Ion Muresan, Nicolae Tzone, Teodor Duna, Matei Visniec, Ileana Malancioiu.

Monday, the last day of the 33rd edition of the Salon du livre, is dedicated to professional s from the publishing zone and, after lunch, to the meetings hosted by the Romanian pavilion which will target the field of translations and promotion of the Romanian literature in France.


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