Cristian Parvulescu: It is desirable to bring ample changes to Constitution

President of the Pro-Democratia Association Cristian Parvulescu said that it is desirable to bring ample changes to the Constitution, so as to accommodate the needs and specificity of today’s Romanian society.

„An ample change of the Constitution is desirable in Romania, not because the current one is not good, but because society changes quickly, so an adjustment is needed in the process. I am among those who believe that it is necessary to introduce more precise instruments in the Constitution. For example, the right to a healthy environment was introduced in 2003, in the Constitution, but on the other hand the instruments for this right to be implemented do not exist „, said Cristian Parvulescu, who is also coordinator of the Constitutional Forum.

He considers that the Romanian society is democratized at a slow pace, but that democracy is not the result of a natural process in any society, and the Romanian society is in no way exempted in this regard.

Parvulescu also said that clarification of some aspects, such as the relationship between powers and authorities, should have a place in the Constitution.

„In 1991, the „separation of powers” formula did not appear in the Constitution. Instead, the idea was that the power emanates from the people, is expressed through a political instrument and the president always understood that it is a political instrument, no matter who was the president and, then, the authorities that put the power into motion, and we have described in the Constitution: the legislative authority, the executive authority, the judiciary authority, the local authorities and so forth. It is not about powers”, Parvulescu explained.

He went on to say that, in 2003, in Article 1, the idea emerged of a separation of powers in the state, but that, apart from this provision, the Constitution does not ensure at all this separation of powers.

„The Constitution must resolve the tension between the separation of powers and balance of powers, on the one hand, and the problem of authorities. Some believe that it is a power which is expressed through authorities, others believe that they are powers, that there are three powers controlling each other. If there are three powers, then define them as powers, define more clearly the instruments by which they adapt and stay in balance and, if they are not powers, then solve this problem of this tension”, Parvulescu added.

PSD deputy Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz said that, in Romania, a more precise Constitution is needed, which must come up with some theses, define the rapports between citizen and authorities, rapports between citizens etc.

„We need a more precise Constitution, (…) we are in the situation to adapt the Constitution to what we are today and, maybe, things will be better from this point of view”, Duvaz emphasized.

The debate called „Reflections and proposals for Romania’s Constitution”, organized on Tuesday, at the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR), was also attended by Bogdan Ciuca (PC), Ovidiu Gant (minorities), and Andrei Marga, president of ICR.

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