President Basescu: I highly appreciate attorneys’ role in the fight against money laundering

President Traian Basescu said he praises the corps of attorneys for their involvement in the fight against money laundering, pointing out that ‘money laundering often triggers acts of terrorism.”

‘I highly appreciate the role of the corps of attorneys in the fight against money laundering. This is one of the major risks, including of Romania, because money laundering operations do not generate only the construction of mansions. Money laundering often leads to acts of terrorism. The judges, prosecutors, attorneys, notaries should be equally engaged in the fight against this phenomenon. The entire system can contribute in an efficient manner in preventing the use of money obtained by illicit means. (…) Often, the money obtained on the domestic market is used by terrorist organizations,” Basescu told the 2013 Attorneys’ Congress on Friday.

President Traian Basescu considers that the act of justice is more fairly administered, if the lawyer is on equal footing with the prosecutor in front of the judge.

„You have, I’d say, an extremely important mission. I do not define it as difficult, because I do not believe the prosecutors are those who accuse for the sake of accusing. But, you have the obligation to create that balance in relation to the prosecutor’s stand, so that the judge can make the right decision. If I see that way the relationship lawyer-prosecutor-judge, I think no one has any doubt that I see the lawyer as part of the rule of law. The more competent the lawyer is and, at the same time, on equal footing with the prosecutor in front of the judge, the more the justice act will be administered more fairly „, said the head of state on the occasion of the Congress of Lawyers – 2013.

He pointed out that, in recent years, important steps have been made to place the lawyer and prosecutor on a par.

„I would say that, without the lawyer profession and without guaranteeing the lawyer’s rights, under the Romanian legislative system, basically, we can not talk about democracy. The lawyer is part of the structure of the rule of law and is a fundamental element in strengthening democracy, by offering equal chances before the law to every citizen who seeks the lawyer’s advice „, the President added.

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