Labour Minister Campeanu: Social dialogue law to be amended for better functioning

The law on social dialogue will be changed in the next period so that social dialogue be more functional, both in terms of employers’ unions and trade organizations, Labour Minister Mariana Campeanu said on Friday in Deva (western Romania), during a conference organized by the Trade Union Confederation ‘Meridian’.

The main purpose of the changes is to ensure a fair representativeness at branch level, on both sides, which allows the conclusion of the collective agreements at this level.

‘Changes in Law 62 aim primarily to make functional social dialogue, because, at present, it is not functional. First of all, there are issues of representativeness, especially from employers who did not and could not obtain representativeness as the number of branches was very small. We have tried, in this period […] to increase the number of branches, so that to obtain a correct representativeness, both for employers’ unions and trade unions, in such a way that collective agreements at branch level to be concluded. Currently there are very few collective agreements (labour, n. trans.) concluded at branch level, because of this problem,’ said the Minister.

Referring to the dialogue between the government and the unions, Mariana Campeanu said that the Executive expressed its willingness to resume social dialogue in its very first day, with significant progress having been made in this respect.

The Labour Minister appreciated, however, that it takes a change in attitude and among trade unions too, which should take into account finding the best solutions for the company their members work for to be able to continue its activity.

‘You should understand that the activity of the trade unions must also change, the unions had to come and solve not only matters related to salaries and claims related strictly to keeping their members’ jobs safe. They should come with solutions for finding the best way to make the unit they work for to remain viable,’ said the Minister of Labour.

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