MAE’s Bogdan Aurescu: Romania’s partnership with US is most important of strategic ones


Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) Bogdan Aurescu says that Romania’s partnership with the United States of America is ‘the most important of the strategic ones and has direct benefits for Romania’s national interest.’

When delivering the lecture titled ‘Romania-US Strategic Partnership in the Context of the Current Dynamics of the Trans-Atlantic Partnership’ at the Faculty of European Studies of the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (western Romania) on Friday, Bogdan Aurescu revealed ‘Romania’s attachment to the westerns structures.’ The political, military and security components are ‘excellent in the Romanian-American relations’ as are the economic, scientific, technological, research and educational components.

In his capacity as Romania’s chief negotiator in the file of the anti-missile shield, Bogdan Aurescu said that US Congress allocated the sum of 235 million dollars for starting this year work on the antimissile shield at Deveselu, Olt County (southern Romania).

The MAE official said that Romania’s triple status – as an EU member, NATO ally and US strategic partner – makes the deepening of the trans-Atlantic partnership to be an aim of constant value for its foreign policy.

‘The strategic partnership with the US is the foundation stone of the architecture for the global security, a catalyst of global cooperation. The trans-Atlantic partnership must stay a fundamental landmark of the European Union and a model of promoting stability in the world,’ added the Secretary of State.

The relation between the European Union and the US, from Romania’s point of view, is ‘the soundest partnership on the international arena’ and relies not only on common values – peace, democracy, human rights – but also on the economic compatibility and the similarity of the perception of the international security aspects at regional and world level, explained Bogdan Aurescu.

He mentioned the fact that European partners had a certain concern with the interest taken by the US in the Pacific Asia, which is regard in certain environments as ‘a disengagement of America when it comes to Europe,’ but such a dilemma is quite false. Actually it is ‘a realignment of the trans-Atlantic relation in keeping with current very dynamic global developments.’

‘It is not true that if Washington’s interest in the Pacific Asia grows, the one in Brussels will go down. Actually this is an adaptation to a dynamic development globally,’ said Bogdan Aurescu.

Referring to the chance that Romanians should get access to the US without visas, the MAE official said that, during the Romanian-American Business Council, which was set up in 2012, they discussed the measures Romania must take for its citizens to no longer need a visa for the US. The refusal rate of the applications handed in by Romanian citizens for getting the entry visa to the US went down to 17 percent in the fiscal year that has just come to an end.


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