Manual work on accounting reports, cut by 25 pct under Siveco’s Applications 2020 integrated system

Manual work required to draw up accounting reports is curtailed by 25 per cent thanks to Siveco’s Applications 2020 integrated system. One click suffice to automatically generate the reports, thus saving 2,000 work hours, which is the total workload of one person in one year, Siveco Romania software integrator reports.

Siveco Applications 2020 system help companies optimise their inventory management, bringing about a cut by over 60 per cent in excess, slow or static inventory. On the other hand, the integrated system includes components for utility providers, such as utility bill management that can manage hundreds of thousands of bills and meter readings. Thanks to this component, the companies reduce by over 75 per cent the time it takes them to compute the bills.

At the same time, the system provides components that reduce by 20 per cent the costs of booking commercial operations and by more than 70 per cent the workload for managing customer orders.

The advantages of using the system have been acknowledged internationally at various competitions, including Best Biz EMEA, which recognised Siveco Applications 2020 as one of the best performing and most innovative business solutions in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Siveco Applications 2020 provide 360-degree coverage of all activities of organisations from the most diverse fields of activity: commerce, production, utilities, energy, oil and gas, transport, bank and finance.

Siveco Applications 2020 covers all the activities within a company and provides suitable resource management, data flow automation and information flow redesign, data consistency and coherence, as well as the quick retrieval and reporting of information.

With a high degree of customisation and designed according to the latest standards, SIVECO Applications adjusts to the specificity of each organisation and contributes significantly to increasing the efficiency of its beneficiaries’ activity, while providing full control and a complete picture on the entire business.

Siveco Romania is the leader of Romanian software houses and one of the most successful software integrators from Central and Eastern Europe. The company develops and exports software products and high value added consultancy projects to countries within the European Community, The Middle East, North of Africa and CIS area. It wqs established in 1992 and has 1,000 employees.

Shareholders in Siveco Romania are Intel Capital, Polish Enterprise Fund V (unity trust managed by Enterprise Investors), Siveco Netherlands B.V. and Siveco Management Team.


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