Romania switches to daylight saving time on Sunday


Romania, on Sunday, March 31, switches to the official daylight saving time (DST), Eastern European Time, so 3,00 hours am becomes 4,00 hours am.

Through this advance, Romania’s daylight saving time is correlated to the one in the European Union member states, which is implemented in the interval between the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October (October 27, in 2013).

In Romania, with the switch to the DST, the difference from the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) will be of three hours. During the rest of the year, the difference from GMT accounts for two hours.

DST was first introduced in Romania in 1932. Until 1939, it functioned each year, between the first Sunday of April, 00,00 hours am, and the first Sunday of October, 1,00 hours am (local times). From 1943, switching to DST was suspended.

In 1979, Romania signed the Time Zones Agreement and, since 1997, DST has been correlated through government ordinance with that in the European Union member states.

DST was introduced to benefit as much as possible from the natural sunlight and to reduce the consumption of artificial lightning.

DST is currently used in 70 countries worldwide, but not all countries switch to DST in the same intervals.

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