Romanian National Waters Administration, partner in implementation of SEE RIVER project

Romanian National Waters Administration (ANAR) will take part as a partner in the implementation of the SEE RIVER regional project to be completed in 2014, with the main purpose of it being the sustainable promotion of international river corridors, so as to ensure good water and to prevent the risk of flooding.

The project ‘Sustainable integrated management of international river corridors in South East European countries’ aims at ‘implementing measures and actions to contribute to the sustainable integrated management of international rivers corridors, ensuring good ecological status of waters, preventing the risk of floods, also ensuring the sustainable use of the water resources and at the same time preserving the landscape, species and habitats. The harmonized objectives will thus lead to benefits for both the environment as well and social and economic benefits. The conclusions of the activities of the project will be translated into a set of instruments that provide an innovative model and a general guide applicable for ways to achieve future sustainable use of river corridors, considering and harmonizing different interests of those interested. In order to develop and implement the set of instruments there will be carried out research projects, field work and the active involvement of the factors involved in six corridors of the rivers Drava, Bodrog, Neretva, Prut, Soca and Vjosa,’ showed a press release from ANAR on Friday.

The project, launched in October 2012, introduces a new approach to the management of river and land focusing on the concept of river corridor, a space delimited by hydromorphological characteristics, social, economic, cultural and biodiversity, with variable extension on both banks of participating countries.

The SEE RIVER projects idea was launch in 2008, at an international symposium in Slovenia, where it was agreed that the Mura-Drava-Danube region to be declared cross-border biosphere reserve.

The project aims at developing a common approach to planning and implementation of European directives relevant to the objectives of river corridors such as the Water Framework Directive, the Habitats and Birds Directives, the Floods Directive and the Renewable Energies Directive.

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