Crin Antonescu sends a message to believers who celebrate Easter

Senate’s President Crin Antonescu sent a message to Catholics, Evangelicals and Reformed church believers who are celebrating The Easter on Sunday.

„Resurrection light brings us back to the hot core of Christian faith, the miracle in front of which, for nearly two thousand years, we worship with humble joy. In these sacred moments, I wish from the bottom of my heart to all compatriots, who today celebrate The Easter, to enjoy the mystery of Resurrection, with good health and happiness, together with the loved ones. Christ is risen! „, Antonescu says in his message posted, on Sunday, on a social networking site.

Catholic, Evangelical and Reformed Christians revere on Sunday The Resurrection of the Lord – The Easter, the greatest celebration of Christian believers.

For two consecutive years, 2010 and 2011, Easter was celebrated in same day by all Christians – Orthodox, Catholics, Greek Catholics, Evangelicals and Reformed Church, as well as by Neo-Evangelical denominations.

The Holy Easter is going to be feasted again on the same day in 2014, on April 20.

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