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Liviu Dragnea: Staff reductions might occur at level of central administration

Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Public Administration said that the serious restructuring process started in the central administration might bring about some staff cuts in the ministries, as well.

„Staff cuts in the central administration might appear. In the local administration, a few years ago some personal standards were approved by law. However, there is no such thing in the central administration, every ministry was able to hire as many people as desired. Or, such a thing is not right. I told to all the ministers, to all my colleagues, to make this staff analysis (…). If they do not respond, we will come up with a Government Emergency Ordinance and tell them very clearly the reduction extent so they will be obliged to do it „, Dragnea said.

Liviu Dragnea also said that, in the central public administration, in Romania, the pyramid of professional ranks is inverted, meaning that the bottom is not represented by the assistants, which is the lowest administration professional rank, but by a higher one, which is the top rank.

„There are four professional ranks in the public system. The lowest level is that of entry level, then assistant, the senior rank and the last, the higher rank. Normally, in the public system, in a normal country, the pyramid is placed with the base down. I mean, most people are entry level, with less assistants, lesser still seniors and a few, the highest ranked, in the top. With us, it is an inverted pyramid, 64 percent are of the highest rank, and almost zero entry level because an increasingly lower number is hired. At this rate, in a very short period of time, we will have only the highest ranked people. Everyone, starting with the porter until the institution’s head. We work to streamline the system, so that, in a very short period, to have a normal pyramid”, Dragnea also said.

The Deputy Prime Minister also announced that it is working on a proposal for more flexibility and pay in the public service, so that those at entry level and assistants to reach a higher pay level, such offering them a stimulus.

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