National Opera’s Dinca: Romania’s National Opera to rebroadcast live Metropolitan Opera shows

Director of Romania’s National Opera in Bucharest Razvan Ioan Dinca has announced having received approval to broadcast live the shows of the Metropolitan Opera of New York.

‘I can tell you that, as a first, we won the right to rebroadcast live the Metropolitan shows and I guess this is of good omen,’ Dinca told a news conference in the hallway of the National Opera.

He added that the place and manner in which the shows will be rebroadcast will be established, because he wants everything to be excellent.

‘The live rebroadcast requires special technique. It is very easy to set in place a video projector and let the music flow out through two loudspeakers. We would like the rebroadcast to be excellent, with surround sound system, excellent Internet connection and a huge panoramic screen, without any glitch,’ said Dinca, adding that he is expecting the rebroadcast of shows to start the next season.

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