National poetry exhibition „Nichita – 80” opens at MNLR

The national poetry exhibition „Nichita – 80”, which includes manuscripts and photographs owned by the National Museum of Romanian Literature (MNLR), as well as from the photo archive of Dora Stanescu, the poet’s wife, opens on Sunday at MNLR.

According to a press release from the Department of Communication of Radio Romania Cultural, the national poetry exhibition opens on Sunday both at the MNLR headquarters, as well as in other important cultural centers in the country: Ploiesti, Pitesti, Bistrita, Brasov and Iasi.

The event at MNLR is organized by the host institution, editor of the main edition in six volumes of Nichita Stanescu’s work, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the EURO CULTURART Association.

The opening in Bucharest includes a recital of Nichita Stanescu’s poems by Ioana Craciunescu, Eusebiu Stefanescu and Ionut Bogdan Stefanescu.

Also, eight poets from various generations and literary geographies, many of them friends of the poet of non-words, Ioana Craciunescu, Ioana Diaconescu, Traian T. Cosovei, Nicolae Prelipceanu, Eugen Suciu, Florin Iaru, Cosmin Perta, Andra Rotaru will read each a poem dedicated to Nichita Stanescu.

A series of events dedicated to the anniversary of 80 years since the birth of the poet Nichita Stanescu are organized in the country and in the world’s largest centers: Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna.

Nichita Stanescu ( March 31, 1933-December 13, 1983) is the author of 23 volumes of poetry.

He received in 1976 the International Award „Gottfried von Herder” of the University of Vienna for his entire work.

In 1979 he was proposed on the list of candidates for the Nobel Prize for Literature, appearing thus, in 1980, along with Odisseas Elytis, Max Frish, Léopold Sédar Senghor and Jorge Luis Borges among those designated by the Swedish Academy to this distinction.

In the spring of 1982 he was awarded the „Golden Wreath” Grand Prix of the International Poetry Festival in Struga (RSFI) for the „Right to time” volume.

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