Antonescu: Interpenetration between politicians and economic elite must be much larger

President of the Senate Crin Antonescu said on Wednesday it was necessary that the interpenetration between politicians and the economic elite should be much larger in the future.

‘Even if we are sometimes tempted to regard the political corps, the political class, politicians in Romania as a very active group, but often harmful in the body of the Romanian society, things are not exactly like that. Politicians in Romania and elsewhere were not born politicians and for every one of them the history of their training, the history of their education, the science they have or not, the mentality that was imparted to them or not in the institutions where they were trained are extremely important. Considering this aspect, I am respectfully thinking and confessing that many of the political decision makers, of the remarkable personalities of the Romanian elite in the past 20 years are yours. Professors or graduates from your academy were and are in Romania prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, ministers of finance, to say nothing of other institutions which are not necessarily political, but which make enormously important decisions with a political impact, such as BNR [National Bank of Romania]. … It seems even more important to me that this interpenetration in many aspects between the political corps and the elite of the economic sciences must be much larger at present and in the future,’ Antonescu told the event on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE).

He said that people mentioned crises more and more often.

‘One needs, and it is not only politicians or economists, but also the entire society, administration, decision making structure of the Romanian State that need correct full and sincere diagnoses and solutions,’ said Antonescu.

The President of the Senate made it clear that ASE was one of the most prestigious institutions of Romanian education, which has always given outstanding personalities with remarkable knowledge, competence and decision power not only to Romania.

‘It is clear that you have done your duty, that you are competitive, can and must go on playing a most prominent and fertile part in Romanian economy, Romanian science, Romanian politics,’ also said Antonescu.

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