Stage of Romania’s Schengen space joining on agenda of CSAT meeting

The stage of Romania’s Schengen joining and its political and diplomatic moves in the respect are topics on the agenda of the meeting of the Country’s Supreme Defense Council (CSAT), on Wednesday April 3.

According to the Presidential Administration, the CSAT meeting’s agenda schedules topics such as the communication and action methodology for the institutions and the authorities in charge with the management of terrorist attacks situations involving Romanian citizens abroad; cyber-threats against Romania and the security of the IT systems of national interest.

The meeting’s agenda also schedules talks on the CSAT activity report in 2012, and the stage of the achievement of the decisions Romania’s Supreme National Defense Council (CSAT) adopted in 2012.

The participants will also approach topics of interest for the national security, Presidency Administration also says.

President Traian Basescu is presiding the CSAT meeting to begin at the Cotroceni Palace, at 3 p.m.

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