Over 7,000 hectares of farmland are affected by hydro-meteorological phenomena in past few days

More than 7,000 hectares of farmland, 3,000 hectares of pasture land and more than 1,000 hectares of woodland have been affected by the hydro-meteorological phenomena in the past few days, according to a release the Ministry of the Interior (MAI) sent  on Sunday.

Several bridges and footbridges, segments of country or county roads were affected by rain, a house was destroyed and three flooded. The firefighters took action to bale the water out, adds the above-mentioned source.

‘So far no medical emergency cases or other special situations have been reported. This morning [Sunday] all over Romania there are no reports of any places completely isolated by water, which one could not reach or where one could not take action. There are no isolated or evacuated persons,’ says MAI.

In the past 24 hours the MAI employees have taken action in the places affected by the hydro-meteorological phenomena in six counties: Buzau (southern Romania), Bistrita-Nasaud (northern Romania), Calarasi, Dolj (both in southern Romania), Mures (central Romania) and Vrancea (eastern Romania).

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