Romanian Cultural Institute to build national system of online books

The Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) will build, along with publishers, the main libraries and the national authorities responsible for such matters, the national system for online books, to be accessible on the Internet for readers interested from everywhere.

The idea came following the online system having already taken over most of the periodicals published once on paper. More and more books are available online. The international trend is to have accessible online not only the periodicals, but also the books.

‘Despite this tendency, we do not see books on paper disappearing, as it was anticipated three or four years ago. The book, as an organized presentation of knowledge, remains of actuality. What we need now to do is to build this online system,’ said ICR.

The mission entrusted by law to the Romanian Cultural Institute is to promote Romanian culture abroad. The online system for books is meant for providing wide access to Romanian books and represents today a very efficient instrument of promotion.

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