Victor Ponta: 2013 is year when I must manage peace

After 2012 was a year of political war, 2013 is the year when the Government must manage peace and focus on the other problems of this country, Premier Victor Ponta told the Antena 3 TV station.

‘Last year was a year of total war and this war harmed this country a lot. It is true that it had positive effects, we got rid of the Boc Government and the Ungureanu Government, Anastase [former Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies] and Blaga [former President of the Senate] are no longer in power. … On the other hand 2013 is the year when I must manage peace. Shall I keep on waging war till the presidential election? I do not think it is a good idea for Romania,’ said Ponta.

The Premier said that, at this time, citizens were much more interested in the way the country was ruled than in the conflicts of a political character.

‘People say: well, you have won, don’t you want however to do something? Basescu will step down next year, let him pay if he has files, very well, but let us rebuild this country as, if we go waging war, … the Government will leave no stone unturned,’ said Victor Ponta.

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