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Ciamba highlights importance of academic expertise in grounding Romania’s positions in EU

The importance of the academic expertise in grounding Romania‘s positions in the European Union (EU) and in anticipating some global trends with an impact on our country and the EU was highlighted on Thursday by Secretary of State for European Affairs George Ciamba in the conference ‘Launch of Strategy and Policy Studies – SPOS 2012.’

Ciamba in his speech gave thanks to the European Institute of Romania for approaching in the launched studies some topics of great interest to the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) and hailed the Institute’s efforts to disseminate for the wide public the topics discussed on a European level, through stimulating a high-quality public debate, MAE informs in a press release remitted to Agerpres.

‘In this period, let us say, problematical and problem-raising for Europe, both in terms of the measures of rethinking the European economic governance architecture and in terms of the imminent relaunch of discussions on the political dimension of the European integration project, the analytical spirit, the innovating ideas and the comparative approach results, specific to the academic research, should be taken over, integrated and capitalised as grounding elements in the discussions taking place at the level of the national and European decision-making factors,’ Ciamba said.

He pointed out that the Foreign Affairs Ministry found essential deepening the collaboration with the European Institute of Romania, believing that the Institute could consolidate, under MAE’s coordination, the think tank role, substantially supporting Romania’s diplomatic activity.

The Secretary of State showed that the interest topics would aim at Romania’s competitive advantages on the EU internal market, the gradual liberalisation of the electricity and gas markets, inclusion policies for the Roma people in the EU member states, the assessment of the impact of the free movement of Romanian workers on the EU territory, starting with January 1, 2014.

European Institute of Romania Director General Gabriela Dragan, former European Affairs Minister Leonard Orban, Deputies’ Chamber Department for Parliamentary Studies and Community Law Head Andrei Mocearov, members of the civil society and the academic environment also attended the conference.

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