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Ponta: Our Congress should make it clear PSD is the strongest party in the political arena

President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Victor Ponta announces final decisions related to the organization of the party’s Congress on April 19-20 will be taken at the Thursday meeting of the Executive Committee of PSD, so that the PSD to show ‘it is the most powerful party in the Romanian political scene’.

‘We will make the final decision related to the organization next week of the Congress on the occasion of the Thursday meeting of the National Executive Committee (CExN). There will be, obviously, decisions concerning the Congress schedule, changes in status, the documents to be presented at the congress, leadership structure, technical equipment, logistics, everything that needs to be done before a Congress, in such a way that our Congress to show clearly PSD is the strongest party in the Romanian political arena, a party with great responsibilities, a party at rule, leading the Chamber of Deputies and also the 23 county councils and also the municipalities. People need to learn from us what we intend to do in the next three years, not only what we did before. Sure, we will also stop to praise ourselves a little, but the important part will be related to our future project for Romania,’ Ponta said in the opening of the works of the CExN at Parliament House.

Ponta pointed out that he wished the Congress of PSD to be carried out ‘under the message of 120 years of social-democracy in Romania‘.

‘I want to say this from the very beginning, so that no one accuses me I took someone else’s idea, the idea is to carry out our Congress under the message of 120 years of social-democracy in Romania. The idea belongs to Mr. President Ion Iliescu, who gave me permission to use it in Congress, and not just to use it as an idea, but I think it should represent the main message to be sent by our Congress – that we are a party which, at various moments in history, changed Romania in a good way and which is in front of new challenges and always trying not to disappoint no matter what it does,’ said the leader of the PSD.

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