EC approves 54 mln euros funding for flood control in Romania


The European Commission on Friday approved a 54-million-euro investment from the Cohesion Fund for a flood control project in Romania and the development of a system to combat flood aftermath, such as pollution, the European Commission reports in a press release.

The project entails upgrading the equipment for preventing floods and related risks, reducing the effects of floods, pollution included, optimising the security and efficiency of infrastructure already in place and the capacity of the Romanian Waters National Administration to adequately react in such situations. At the same time, improving the gauge and monitoring equipment is also envisaged as well as the creation of coordination and rapid reaction centres in case of floods.

The investment is conducted under Operational Programme Environment, part of the European Union’s regional policy. The total investment in this project stands at 63 million euros, 54 million of which is the EU’s funding. Under this project, 50 jobs will be created.

The project approved on Friday is a major project because the investment exceeds 50 million euros and was approved under a decision of the European Commission. Romania was allocated nearly 19 billion euros worth of total financing under the Cohesion Policy in the 2007-2013 financial perspective.

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