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PM Ponta: some 9,000 buildings, of which 2,000 seats of public institutions, returned to their former owners

Approximately 9,000 buildings, of which 2,000 were occupied by public institutions, have been returned to the former owners, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Friday.

„Nine thousand buildings of various sizes, including schools, museums and police stations, have been returned in kind to their owners. Some 2,000 were public buildings, the other ones were occupied by individuals. For the Romanian state, the loss of so many buildings was a significant load, ” Victor Ponta told a press conference at the Victoria Palace.

The prime minister added that the state has granted so far compensation amounting to 5 billion euros, but the number of unsolved cases reaches 200,000, compared to only 27, 000 solved ones.

He mentioned that he would make a „more juridical” presentation of the text of the Restitution Law for which the Government will commit its responsibility on Wednesday before parliamentary groups.

„Some ideas have been corrected or have adapted, other will be changed along with the amendments proposed by parliamentarians, but the basic ideas must remain. It is a problem remained unsolved since 1989. Although several normative acts have been adopted, (…) the results were not as expected, unfortunately,” said Victor Ponta.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)

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