First luxury cruise liner of the season arrives in Constanta Port


Cruise ship Artania, showing a Bermuda flag, arrived on Thursday in the Romanian port of Constanta, being the first vessel opening this year’s cruise seasons.

The Artania cruise liner is a large vessel belonging to the fleet of Phoenix Reisen and it will make a 10-hour stopover in the port of Constanta, on the route Istanbul-Odessa.

Aboard the ships there are 1,100 German passengers and a crew of 521 employees. The ship is 230 m long, width 32 m, 8 m draught and has a total capacity of 1,188 passengers.

For the stopover in Romania, tourist services are provided by the Karpaten Tourism Bucharest company, passengers following to make trips to Bucharest (to visit the Patriarchy, the Parliament House, the Village Museum), to the historical site of Histria (southeastern Romania), the Danube Delta and the Romanian seaside.

A number of approx. 40,000 tourists are expected to arrive in the Constanta port this year, on board of 66 ships, 53 of which to travel on sea and 13 on rivers.

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