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Oltchim reorganisation plan, to be worked out in two weeks


A plan to reorganise Oltchim plant will be worked out in two weeks and it is going to the presented to the legal administrator, Prime Minister Victor Ponta Honorary Adviser Ionel Blanculescu said in Ramnicu Valcea (south-western Romania).

 A number of five-seven specialists coordinated by Blanculescu will work on this plan, together with Petru Pop, his consultant on petrochemistry matters.

Blanculescu spoke of a successful reorganisation in Oltchim, through the implementing of two modules.

‘This restructuring programme will be based on Oltchim functioning on two modules. A first operational module will be made up of the profit centres that can currently function without any kind of problems – caustic soda, polyols and oxo-alcohols, with a second module to remain active, made up of the employees who will operate on the second level. The first module will comprise 50 percent of the Oltchim personnel and the second module will include 500-700 employees, who will not be able to work in the first stage of functioning, but will remain active, remunerated, and will join a professional conversion programme, a professional consolidation and a rotating professional practice at the operating centres, which will function so that, in one or two years, a period that I anticipate as the moment of the Romanian petrochemistry come-back to an ascending trend, this second module of 500-700 employees can resume the full-time activity,’ Blanculescu pointed out.

In this period, Blanculescu also said, these employees’ training will be conducted mainly based on a project generated through the restructuring programme, with European funds from the SOPHRD, ‘so these employees should be professionally prepared for the future operational centres.’

As concerns the plant’s ‘package’ functioning with the Refinery of Pitesti (southern Romania), he mentioned that the situation in question could only be discussed in the conditions in which a foreign investor showed interest in the oil field.


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