Over 400 Romanian investors participate in establishment of FIA 2013 Association

Over 400 Romanian investors participate in the establishment of the Local Investors Forum 2013 Association, which plans to represent the interests of the local capital in relation with the authorities and the European Union, Interagro Group CEO Ioan Niculae, one of the five founders of the Association.

 FIA 2013 Association has been founded by businesspeople Ioan Niculae, Adina Elena Niculae, Mihai Emilian Sofian, Radu Petrica Enache and Catalin Daniel Grigoriu and has an initial capital worth 1,500 lei.

According to the statutes to be presented on Wednesday evening, the Association was founded to homogenously represent, identify, promote and support the interests of the Romanian capital in relation with the main state institutions and the European Union, as well as with other natural or legal persons nation and worldwide.

Among the main objectives, there are the systematic notification of the authorities concerning the problems of Romanian investors and the proposal of solutions, the work out of legislative proposals, the creation of partnerships among Romanian entrepreneurs, the communication promotion, consultancy and counselling granting, the promotion of market study activities, researches, synthesis, documentation and assessment, data base draw up, Romanian and international media monitoring, publishing, production and broadcast of materials about the Association, facilitating the implementing of EU programmes in Romania.

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