Ponta: Romania – a testing ground for CVM and ANI, other subjects’ turn next

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said at the meeting at the Judges Section of the Upper Council of the Magistrates (CSM) that – as far as the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) and the National Integrity Agency (ANI) are concerned – what is being tested on our country is then applied on others, giving as an example the publication of the wealth declarations in France, by the Romanian model.

„Speaking of lifting the CVM, I believe that after 2014 the new European Commission will rather establish a new type of mechanism that will apply to all members. I don’t believe in the idea that there will be no CVM at all. I think it will stay in place and even expand, most probably under a different form than the one enforced on Romania and Bulgaria. It is good to work out an internal mechanism of our own, but let us not delude ourselves. Most probably there will be an EU-wide common mechanism for all 28 countries. It will exist in a different form, not just for Romania and Bulgaria alone. You saw that we now share with the French our experience with ANI. What is being tested on us is then applied on others, but it’t not always pleasant to have tests performed on you,” Ponta told the CSM judges.

In connection with the coming in force of the new codes, Ponta told the CSM members that it would be better for Romania not to pursue too ambitious goals in order to avoid being then criticized by Brussels officials.

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