George Papandreou: Thanks to Ponta Government efforts, Romania is one of EU growing economies

President of the Socialist International George Papandreou sent to the PSD Congress, a message of greetings on behalf of the Social Democrat colleagues, congratulating the party for its return to the government and appreciating the responsibility proven by Ponta Government by narrowing the economic deficit, which makes Romania one of the economies with the highest growth in Europe.

„Dear Social Democrat friends, (…) I am delighted to be here, with you, not only as a friend, but also as a neighbor and as a political ally, representative of the Social Democratic Party, and I wish success to you all. After eight years in the opposition, now, you are back at rule, congratulations. (…) Around the world, in the 120 years of Socialist tradition, we have shared common values and traditions that are at the very core of the movement to humanize capitalism. Today, our movement is one that wants to humanize globalization, to fight against the excesses and to support economic development and progress, and social justice, as well „, said George Papandreou.

He appreciated that, in Romania, the economic deficit decreased by 2.7 percent this year, due to Ponta Government efforts, so that the country is now one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

„Austerity is not a solution to the crisis and I can say that, in Greece, I had to take a very difficult position in order to avoid bankruptcy within the EU and to fight against some very big obstacles. In Greece, we had to make sacrifices and major changes to combat the crisis and had to fight on two fronts for this. (…) in Greece, we had proposals and suggestions, as Social Democrats, because we know that we can combine social responsibility with an increasing state welfare. This translates in an enhanced transparency, in more powerful democratic institutions, in a more powerful judiciary system. Things that I have discussed with Victor (Victor Ponta – editor’s note) several times, which it means we lay the emphasis on transparency and democracy and not on austerity”, Papandreou also said.

In his view, this supposes „higher investment across Europe and higher budgets to be used for transportation, for education, for research, to create new jobs, to increase competitiveness”.


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