Mures Marathon & whitewater slalom in Toplita-Deda Straits

Outdoor Experience Team announced the beginning of the Mures Marathon amateur rafting, kayak, canoe contests and the whitewaters slalom happening on the Mures River, in the Toplita-Deda Striats ( central west), till Sunday April 21.

Organizers say that the 24 km long route has 5 categories and its difficulty is ZWC-WWII, and the race starts at Mestera and ends at Rastolita.

The Outdoor Experience Team announced that each contestant who paid the enrolling tax receives a MM T-shirt and a diploma of participation, at the end.

To vie in the Mures Marathon, the participants must meet several conditions, namely, they shall take full responsibility, be good swimmers, wear safety waistcoats and protection helmets throughout the contest, and use special, appropriate equipment.

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