Vosganian: There is intention of technical and military cooperation between Tupolev and Romaero

The Russian authorities voiced intention to have a cooperation in the technical and military field between the Russian company Tupolev and Romaero, Romanian Minister of Economy Varujan Vosganian told a news conference.

‘We are interested in the cooperation in the technical and military field. There is an intention of the Russian authorities to have a cooperation between the Russian company Tupolev and Romaero,’ said Vosganian.

Minister of Economy Varujan Vosganian and chief of the Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo Konstantin Kosachyov on Friday signed the protocol on the proceedings of 11th session of the Romanian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic and Technical and Scientific Cooperation.

‘Our proceedings mainly focused on several fields, from among which I should mention the energy field, agriculture, transports and scientific research. Proposals have been made by the Romanian side and the Russian one for the action programme with a view to development, which was already signed during the previous session of the joint commission. They are interesting proposals; the Romanian side mentioned a number of aims in the energy field of the iron-and-steel industry, of the chemical industry, agriculture, infrastructure, in which they expect the cooperation of the business environments from Russia. There is a major interest of Romania’s in turning to account the potential of the Russian market. In this field we are interested in increasing exports of food and farm produce to Russia,’ also said Vosganian.

According to him, the talks about the energy field had an important share.

‘They mentioned the cooperation in the development of the infrastructure for the underground storage of natural gas in Romania’s territory, the participation of the Russian companies in building and modernizing some highly efficient co-generation plants accompanied by supplying natural gas for their functioning. The possibility to sign some direct contracts with Gazprom on supplying natural gas without intermediation, the harmonization of the position of the Russian Federation, with Romania’s obligation that derives from its status as a member of the European Union referring to the regime to be applied to cross-border pipes, then the mutual encouragement of the investments in innovating technologies and the participation of the Russian companies in making clusters up. They mentioned the invitation extended to Mr Victor Ponta, Romania’s Prime Minister, to visit the Russian Federation. There will be soon a visit of the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs to Moscow. I too may have a meeting with my counterpart in the Government of the Russian Federation this autumn. They also made an evaluation of the proceedings of the joint commission together with the joint chairman and at the same time they organized some economic forums in the Business Council that accompanies our commission,’ also said the Minister of Economy.

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