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Titus Corlatean: There is a clear political commitment of Romania on continuing presence in Afghanistan after 2014


Details regarding Romania’s participation in the mission of training the Afghan security forces beyond 2014 will be determined next year, but in our country there is a clear political commitment to maintain a military presence until the end of 2014, and respectively after 2014, to participate in the upcoming NATO training, counseling and support mission, said in Brussels, at the end of the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Titus Corlatean.

Asked if the decision has been taken regarding Romania’s participation in the training mission post-2014, the head of Romanian diplomacy said that the subject was previously discussed at the level of national security structures.

„Of course, next year, we will have to nail up this participation, because it involves a budgetary commitment to the horizon of 2015, but there is a clear political commitment, regardless of the governance colors in Romania, to maintain our commitments, on the one hand, until the end of 2014 and, on the other hand, to continue our presence in this revised formula. Furthermore, 2014 will be a peak for Romania’s commitment to Afghanistan because, as I said, we will remain until the end of this year with a significant part of the Romanian military. Separately, step by step, it will be a process of repatriation of troops and resources allocated to ISAF „, said on Tuesday Corlatean, without providing information on the timetable of the Romanian troops withdrawal, noting that this is up to the Ministry of Defence.

He remarked the already announced availability of Romania to be part of the future NATO training, counseling and assistance mission for the Afghan security forces depends on two conditions, namely the foundation of a solid legal basis and reaching an agreement on the status of NATO forces in Afghanistan, the so-called SOFA.

The Romanian Foreign Minister addressed the NATO meeting, speaking about the completion of the transition process in Afghanistan, pointing out that, in turn, it depends on the political transition and stressing that „it will be extremely important how the elections will take place next year, which must meet reasonable standards of democratic order”, also pointing out at the same time the importance of national reconciliation and the economic dimension.(Agenţia Naţională de Presă AGERPRES)


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