Over 1,400,000 Romanians celebrating their name day on Palm Sunday

Over 1,400,000 Romanians are celebrating their name day today, the Palm Sunday.

Out of the 1,487,510 celebrants, 634,467 are male and 853,043 female.

Statistics with the Personal Records and Database Administration Directorate with the Interior Ministry indicate that most of today’s celebrants, or 334,634 Romanians, bear the name Florin, 146,328 are called Viorel and 54,749 share the name Florian.

Another 29,779 people share the name Florea, 25,183 are called Florentin and another 13,925 are named Florinel.

Among the male celebrants, 2,418 are called Trandafir, Romanian for rose; 1,550 are called Bujor, Romanian for peony; 928 share the name Floricel, little flower in Romanian; 699 are called Margarit, Romanian for lily of the valley, and 204 are called Crin, Romanian for lily.

Out of the total female celebrants bearing flower names, 146,268 are called Viorica, Romanian for little violet; 128,844 are Florentina; 92,668 are Florica; 87,202 – Floarea, and 79,753 Florina.

Among the less frequent flower names given to the female celebrants are Garofita, Romanian for little carnation (2,972); Iris (2.196); Anemona, Romanian for anemone (858); Micşunica, Romanian for little gillyflower (626); Romaniţa, Romanian for chamomile (533); Panseluţa, little heartsease (444 ) and Crizantema, chrysanthemum in Romanian (303).


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