Victor Ponta joins Sergey Stanishev in Ruse election rally

Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta, also the national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major in the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL), on Sunday attended an election rally in Ruse, Bulgaria, of the Bulgarian Socialist Party alongside Chairmen of the Party of the European Socialists (PES) Sergey Stanishev .

Ponta told a joint press conference with Stanishev that he wanted to convey a positive message and wish the Bulgarian Socialist official good luck, saying that he is besides Stanishev in the current hard times. „I hope the party headed by Sergey Stanishev will win the office of Bulgaria’s prime minister after the election,’ said Ponta.

He added that the Bulgarian people have been in a difficult situation over the past year and many people took to the streets. Many Bulgarians have similar problems as Romanians have, Ponta added.

He voiced hope that the Bulgarian people and the Bulgarian policies will be headed to the right direction after the May 12 general election, saying that only together can the two countries achieve their joint objectives, which include accession to the Schengen Area and the fight against corruption.

Also attending the rally was Plamen Oresharski, whom Stanishev nominated the future prime minister of Bulgaria should the Socialists win a parliamentary majority on May 12.

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