Romania sets world’s largest national flag record

Romania was officially acknowledged as having the world’s largest national flag, in a record approved on the Clinceni aerodrome in the presence of Prime Minister Victor Ponta, deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea, Minister of Defence Mircea Dusa and the Guinness Book representative.

„I know how difficult it was to piece together this huge flag. I want to thank the Ministry of National Defence that contributed to this event, and my thanks and congratulations are all the more so deserved as setting a world record is a special achievement, but having a record that is based on a national symbol is even better,” Prime Minister Victor Ponta said at the event organized by Antena 3 TV channel.

He added that he noticed a „rekindling of the national identity” in Romania, a European Union member state that, in his opinion, „needs symbols and confidence.”

He stressed that it is important for Romanians to feel they belong to the same nation when they look at the red-yellow-blue tricolor flag.

Minister of Defence Mircea Dusa said that the Romanian military has supported efforts to achieve the world’s largest flag, stating that Romanian troops carry the tricolor in their hearts and souls and that this national symbol also stands for the Romanian Army. Dusa voiced hope that with the achievement of this record, the Romanian colors flying in the counties of Harghita and Covasna will be looked at with more responsibility, stressing that the tricolor ‘must be at home here too.’

The Guinness Book representative acknowledged the record.

„Lebanon set the previous record back in 2010, with a flag of about 65,000 sq. m. Antena 3 today presented on Romania‘s behalf this flag, which I confirm, measures 79,290 sq.m. Congratulations, Romania,” the Guinness Book representative concluded.

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