Ponta wants Romania and Poland to play a strong role in EU

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday stated while paying an official visit to Warsaw that he wished Poland and Romania both to play a strong role in the European Union in the following years.

‘I wished, based on our excellent political relationship and our personal relationship based on common interests, Poland to consider Romania a true friend and a strategic partner and also that Poland and Romania both play a strong role in the European Union’, said the head of the Executive in Bucharest in a joint statement with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Ponta wished the Polish government so succeed in dealing with the present challenges all governments in Europe are forced to deal with, particularly with the need to record economic growth and to find new solutions to create jobs.

The Romanian Prime Minister also referred to the existence of joint economic projects between Romania and Poland, pointing out that there are important Polish companies that are considering to invest in Romania.

‘All these, based on our excellent political and personal relationship, we can develop further in both countries’ interest’, said Ponta.

He voiced hope that very soon, maybe even this year, his Polish counterpart, will be able to come to Bucharest too. ‘Many times, also publicly, I went to express my admiration for the manner in which Poland has been managing to promote a model of economic and political development, and also a model of regional leadership and I always said how much I admired the fact that Prime Minister Tusk succeeded in proving that a new EU member state and a former communist state too can also bring its important contribution to the European project, it can also offer powerful leaders, credible and respected in Europe’, said the Prime Minister.


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