Ambassador Perez Paladino: Argentina could be gateway to Mercosur for Romania

Argentina could be the gateway to Mercosur for Romania and Romania could be the gateway to Eastern Europe and Central Asia for Argentina, said the Ambassador of Argentina to Bucharest, Claudio Perez Paladino, in an interview.

The Argentine high ranking diplomat pleaded, in an interview, for the intensification of the projects of economic cooperation and technology, as well as joint-ventures, noting closeness and similarities between Romania and Argentina, despite the distance that separates them, but also spoke about sports, wine and tango.

The Ambassador of Argentina who, after taking over the mandate, has paid several visits to the counties of Romania, said that many counties have great possibilities to develop a more efficient agriculture. There are some Argentine businessmen interested in this area, especially in the projects of economic and technological cooperation and joint-ventures, Ambassador Claudio Perez Paladino emphasized. These projects are related on various levels of this activity: from large farmers to small ones. Taking into account the high quality of Romania’s capacity in the constructions of machines and metallurgy sectors, there are companies in Argentina assessing the possibilities of producing agricultural equipment for the local market here and the countries of Central Asia. With the objective of providing the institutional support mentioned above, the governments of the two countries are drafting a formal framework to facilitate the economic cooperation and technology transfer for the development and improvement of capacities in agriculture, livestock, wine growing, etc., added Claudio Perez Paladino.

Recalling the words of the famous Romanian diplomat Nicolae Titulescu, even if the rivers, mountains and ocean separate Argentina and Romania, our peoples are very close and similar in the most relevant aspects of life, the Ambassador also said. We share the same concepts about society, family, friends and others. Both countries have high performances in agriculture, we belong to the civilization of wine. My country appreciates long time contributions of the families who migrated to Argentina during the twentieth century. We estimated that, currently, about 30,000 Argentines are of Romanian origins. Many of them were farmers who contributed to the development of agriculture in our province Entre Rios, Argentina’s Ambassador to Bucharest mentioned in his interview.

Regarding the trade relations between the two countries, he mentioned that they grow year-by-year and every time there is a wider diversity of products from both sides. In both countries, business people are thinking seriously about the economic cooperation projects and joint-ventures oriented to the regional markets. Argentina could be the gateway to Mercosur and Romania to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Ambassador Claudio Perez emphasized. Cooperation and joint ventures develop deeper links than the mere trade, which is connected to occasional good prices, the Argentine Ambassador pointed out.


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