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President Basescu invites parties to sign agricultural pact

President Traian Basescu on Monday said the report by the presidential board on public agricultural development policies in Romania is the best strategic document in this field after the 1989 Revolution, inviting all the political parties to sign an agricultural pact.

‘Today the work that has been going on for three years came to an end. I have to confess that I have been reading the report for one week now, since I received it. It is an impressive report because of the accuracy of figures is uses, its diagnosis of the Romanian agriculture and food industry, as well as because of the solutions it puts forth. Today, the report is ready as far as the board is concerned, a board beyond any suspicion in terms of professionalism. This is a document that, in my opinion, beyond being an excellent documentary and an excellent x-ray of Romania‘s agriculture, also provides us with a perspective. In my opinion, this is the best strategic document for the Romanian agriculture, food industry and countryside ever produced after the December 1989 Revolution,’ Basescu told the release ceremony of the report.

Basescu added that the report should become a reality, insisting that the same should be done as it was done in relation to the report by the presidential board on education, namely a pact on agriculture should be signed by the political parties.

‘I am inviting today all the political parties so that after the report is adopted we all – parties and institutions, producers and beneficiaries – may sign an agricultural pact. This would be a long-term political pledge,’ said Basescu, adding that the work of the board on agriculture was focused on devising a vision of agriculture to the year 2030.

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