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Butcher: US energy companies can contribute to Romania achieving energy independence


US energy companies can contribute to Romania achieving energy independence, the US Embassy’s Charge d’Affairs in Bucharest Duane Butcher said.

Transparency, stability and predictability, as well as strong democratic institutions are essential for a prosperous civil society and of a dynamic economy, showed Butcher, in his speech held at the reception on the occasion of the National Day of the United States of America – on the 4th of July – hosted by the US Ambassador in His residence in Bucharest. We will continue to consolidate these institutions based on our cooperation, to the benefit of both our countries and their prosperity. Many companies from the US have already invested in Romania, creating thousands of jobs for highly skilled people and I believe that many other will, as the business environment in Romania continues to improve. The US energy companies can contribute to Romania achieving energy independence, said Butcher.

He reminded that next week in Washington DC the United States of America and the European Union will begin negotiations for the innovating Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

These ambitious negotiations will help improving the trade and investment relation between the US and the EU, already the most complex in the world, through eliminating barriers and allowing a higher economic integration between the US and the EU member states. We are committed to working together so as to boost economic development, for we know that the Romanian society becoming more prosperous will also help the country be a better partner to us, said Butcher.

The American official underlined the fact that Romania and the USA have had diplomatic relations for more than one hundred and thirty years and also the fact that the friendship between the two states has rapidly consolidated after the revolution in December 1989.


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