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Creative Bucharest – project to be developed along with George Enescu Festival


George Enescu international Festival is expanding this year when Creative Bucharest, a new and ambitious cultural project happens along, over September 1-28.

The Festival invites Romanian non-governmental companies, culture institutions and artists to join this cultural project, and present their works, initiatives or events and exhibit them in the most visible places in Bucharest.

Their projects are to promote themes inspired by the Festival and the values that contribute to a public space and inspire people to open themselves and form a community of good, freedom, responsibility, solidarity, beauty, respect, involvement, participation, creativity, openness, courage, tenacity, cooperation, honesty, correctness, fairness, communication, initiative, generosity, compassion, elegance, communion, reads the release the companies sent to Agerpres. The projects can be emailed to [email protected] with the subject Bucurestiul Creative (Creative Bucharest), by July 25. The organizers will post the selected projects, the date and place where they are due, by August 19.

Likewise, 38 installation artists, painters, black and white artists, ceramists from five countries namely the US, UK, Armenia, Romania and Poland have already announced their participation in the E-Biennale, the Festival’s contemporary art biennale, while 24 directors from 24 countries will present Enescu screenings, at Digiplex Grand Cinema, in Bucharest.

Creative Bucharest will bear George Enescu’s spirit and imprint, reinterpreted through visual identity, plastic creations and promotion of the values The Maestro believed in.

In the green spaces surrounding the main concert halls like the Romanian Athenaeum or the Palace Hall that will be turned into the Festival’s Garden, and will show works by the young artists selected to attend the Festival’s Art and Design E-Biennale.
The Festival’s Square will host concerts and musical events.

Very popular public spaces of Bucharest, like the University Square, the Coltea Square, Bucharest Old Center will be decorated in urban art items.

The Festival’s all novelty spaces and concert halls will be posted on the Festival’s Map, to be available at Geoge Enescu Festival’s web site, organizers inform.


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