Minister Corlatean highlights in Skopje Romania’s interest in observance of European standards on national minorities

Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministrer Titus Corlatean in Skopje on Wednesday underscored Romania’s interest in the observance of the European standards in the area of the rights of the persons belonging to national minorities and in the support of the programmes for maintaining and developing the cultural, linguistic and religious identity of the related minority, according to a press release of the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE).

During the meeting with his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Poposki, the Romanian chief diplomat reconfirmed Romania’s interest in using all the collaboration opportunities, noting the important role of Aromanian business people in making this segment more dynamic. A special attention was granted to the community of Aromanians/Megleno-Romanians in the Republic of Macedonia. Moreover, he reiterated Romania’s availability of supplying expertise in this area, taking into account the historic and symbolic connections with Aromanians and Megleno-Romanians in the Republic of Macedonia.

Titus Corlatean brought to mind Romania’s proposal on creating the joint working group, a bilateral format agreed since 2011. He handed his counterpart a non-paper on safeguarding the Megleno-Romanian dialect by including it on the list of UNESCO protected languages, inviting the Macedonian authorities to join the measure initiated by Romania.

In the meeting, the Romanian Minister encouraged the Macedonian authorities to continue the reform processes, with a focus on the stability of democratic institutions, the consolidation of the rule of law and of the interior political dialogue, underscoring, in this context, that the affiliation of the Republic of Macedonia with the European family supposed both meeting some technical requirements and especially the assumption of the set of founding norms and values of the European Union. The political stability, the consolidation of the independence of justice, mass-media and expression, the promotion of a constructive inter-ethnical dialogue and of the good neighbourhood relations, as well as solving the issue concerning the constitutional name are the highest expectations of the international community in the case of the Republic of Macedonia.

The two ministers agreed to amplify the high-level political dialogue and to speed up the measures concerning the development of a bilateral legal framework by signing new agreements of collaboration in the areas of defence, military education, included, domestic affairs, corruption prevention and combat, local administration, social security.


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